The RSI internship experience

The RSI experience has given many individuals the chance to challenge themselves in an intensive laboratory  internship while working on independent projects that range from aging in the immortal planaria S.mediterranea to DNA nanomeshes for cancer therapies. From high school students to post-graduates, RSI alumni attend the top undergraduate universities and graduate programs in the nation. Our graduates of the RSI Biotechnology Internship work at top Silicon Valley biotech companies  like Life Technologies, Genentech, and Affymetrix.

“The learning experience at RSI is incredible. I felt like I truly understood what it meant to do research, and design experiments, and what a great lab environment can be.”
Hugo Decker- Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University MD/PhD Program

“I have a passion for research because I get to sit on the edge of scientific discovery. The edge may be precarious at times, but by collaborating with colleagues, being creative, and not giving up, incredible things can ultimately be accomplished.”
-Jack Tung – Medical College of Georgia MD/PhD Program

Alison Tang discusses her work to build synthetic biology circuits to reverse senescence:



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