About Us

We hope to catalyze such advances by promoting the integrated use of the latest technologies from Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology.  We have been involved in research centered on Synthetic Biology, before the name was applied to creating new and complex biological systems.  We are developing Synthetic Biology technology compatible with our goals for transforming aging into a benign process through regeneration. Our latest push is to use the burgeoning power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance understanding of basic biological mechanisms of regeneration and aging and design potential interventions.  Not only do we bring together leading researchers in Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology with workers creating cutting-edge technologies, but we also seek to create a research environment where original thinkers such as young people just beginning their careers or innovative older scientists starved for funding, can “think outside the box” and pursue exciting work that would be unlikely to be funded by conventional means.

Regenerative Sciences Institute operates both as a research cooperative and as an independent research laboratory.  We are located in Sunnyvale, CA at a ~15,000 square foot biological research facility.  We work closely with the Panorama Research Institute who has generously donated the shared space at this location.


History in the Making

Regenerative Sciences Institute was founded in 1994 and during its infancy,  focused on interdisciplinary work in regeneration.  In 2006, RSI relocated to Silicon Valley and changed its focus to regeneration research  with a broader research scope while incorporating the latest scientific advancements.

A  prelude to the first RSI educational program began as an undergraduate led course at UC Berkeley in 2006 called “Stem Cells and Regeneration”, taught by Jennifer Lei. Today, RSI  continues its dedication to the education of young minds, as demonstrated by the increasing number of annual internships offered. From the Johnson&Johnson BTE-SV high school internships, to the many undergraduates research internships, to the industry focused post-graduate biotechnology internships, RSI  strives to expand its educational programs to many audiences.

With the naming of the field, and the creation of the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition, (iGEM), RSI entered undergraduate teams in the 2007-2009 iGEM competitions.

Since opening its doors in 2006, RSI has trained many of our future scientists and doctors. We hope that the unique RSI experience is a tradition that our students remember and pass on in their own labs and practices.

However, none of this would have been possible without  The People of RSI.

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