Regenerative Biology

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Regenerative Biology is an online Open Access journal dedicated to the timely publication of novel research that makes a significant contribution to the discipline of regenerative biology. Regenerative Biology is a key component of a unified effort to promote research on regeneration and engineering regenerative systems, which will include symposia, online videos, research prizes and an online mechanism to foster collaborations. We are interested in articles that focus on the basic biological mechanisms that underlie regeneration in key model systems and in mammals. Work that explicates the trade-offs between regenerative capacity, tumor suppression, immunity, wound healing and aging are of special interest. Research that takes an interdisciplinary approach making use of systems, computational/virtual or synthetic biology to catalyse research on regeneration is encouraged. We publish insightful commentaries on relevant commercial, political, ethical, and social ramifications of regenerative biology. We also encourage the submission of papers that describe new methods or innovative approaches and have implemented a special publication category for brief, provocative reports. Each paper will be provided with an introduction by a member of the editorial staff or colleague that provides context, especially relative to work in other model systems. A mechanism to inform authors of related work in other systems, potential collaborators, of newly published work is also available.

We are currently seeking members for the editorial board. Please submit inquiries to editors at

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