Regenerative Sciences Institute (RSI) is dedicated to the notion that advances in science and technology combined with innovative education can make a critical difference in the world. Regeneration is the biological response that rebuilds or recreates damaged or lost biological tissue. But regeneration can be more than mere biological reconstruction, “regeneration” taken to its limit becomes “generation” of novel function, such as implementing novel anti-cancer biology within individuals. Moreover regeneration is a metaphor for reparative change.  The key goals of RSI are to create technologies and educational strategies to improve human well-being.  Regeneration engineering or “regeneering“, as we like to call it, embodies our vision for the future of regenerative biology and aging research.

RSI advocates education through key scientific discoveries and entrepreneurship.  By teaching science through basic and applied research focused on big questions and potential breakthroughs, students and researchers have the opportunity to nurture their creativity while striving to acquire key data.  By making our program accessible beyond the walls of our building, RSI’s education initiative could potentially revolutionize science education.  A secondary focus on potential commercialization ensures that research effort achieves practical outcomes.   Please see education for more details.

Regenerative Sciences Institute is supportive of efforts to keep science open.  This includes supporting intellectual property rules that promote open access to data and free use of patents for research purposes.  This is analogous to the “open source software” movement.  We have several projects underway to help further these goals.  For more information, please write opensource.

One of the more innovative aspects of Regenerative Sciences Institute is that it operates as a research cooperative.  Like-minded scientists can join RSI in order to facilitate collaboration and to pool resources in a completely flexible manner.  We have created a white paper that describes the program in depth.  Please write affiliates for more information.

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